Celebrity Management

How We Work

Making great celebrity matches is our primary goal at The Celebrity Source. We create celebrity matches which will most effectively deliver our clients’ message to their demographic audience.

The Celebrity Source utilizes a seven phase process which helps us thoroughly understand our clients’ needs, identify the right celebrities, strategize the best approach, negotiate the lowest fees, confirm celebrity participation and coordinate all of the details for their involvement.

Step 1:

Determining Your Needs for Celebrity Participation

The Celebrity Source will not accept a project unless we feel we can successfully fulfill our clients’ expectations. Before determining if we will take on a new project, we ask a series of questions to determine the client’s needs.

Step 2:

Researching Celebrity Candidates to Find the Right Match

The Celebrity Source believes that celebrities must be a credible and authentic match for each celebrity event, project or campaign. To this end, once we completely understand our client’s mindset and that of their target audience, we conduct extensive research to create the “ideal celebrity candidates” list.

Step 3:

Approving Potential Celebrity Candidates

The Celebrity Source invites and makes offers only to celebrities who are approved by our clients. The approval process may take one of three forms, depending on the time allowed, the number of celebrities required and the nature of the request

Step 4:

Conducting Celebrity Outreach

During our 30+ years of operation, The Celebrity Source has developed and nurtured many types of celebrity relationships. Our connections to the celebrity community may include direct contact to the celebrities themselves, their personal assistants or family members, and their team of representatives.

Step 5:

Negotiating the Best Celebrity Fee and Terms

The Celebrity Source scope of work is totally focused on celebrities. We are celebrity specialists – therefore, we know current celebrity fee ranges and motivators (beyond money). This helps us negotiate terms in the best interest of our clients. We represent our clients, not the celebrities.

Step 6:

Handling Celebrity Participation

Once a celebrity has agreed to participate in a project, there’s a lot more work to be done! The Celebrity Source staff handle the celebrity coordination phase to ensure that both celebrities and clients are fully informed every step of the way.

Step 7:

Wrapping Up

Once a project is completed there are still elements which need to be addressed. Whether it’s sending a simple thank you note or gift to the celebrity, forwarding fees/charity donations, or shipping products, The Celebrity Source handles all of the details to wind things down for a happy project conclusion for all concerned.